>My happy little home


Here are some pictures of our work-in-progress apartment. I’m still dreaming up all sorts of projects to make this the nest that we’ll be spending most of our time in, but I know that my family is getting antsy for a little preview of where I am, so here are some pictures!

We are on the first floor, and we have actually have two doors in the apartment, but we only use one of the them. The kitchen entrance is closer to the laundry room, but the doorway is blocked by a trashcan and over door, so we’ve decided to enter through the living room.

This is the front door of our apartment. Ben bought me the newspaper dove ornaments for our first anniversary (the paper year). They are made by one of my favorite Etsy artists, Paloma’s Nest, and came with a tiny text plaque that says “Peace”. I love the entrance to our place!

When you walk through the front door, the kitchen is to your left. It’s a little smaller in concept than our last kitchen, but shaped in a way that let us carve our dining space. I love the walk behind our little table. One day, when I have much more time on my hands, I would love to sand and paint the table a bright red color. A more immediate project will be recovering the seats of the chairs :)

To the immediate right of the entrance is our little “dead space” We moved the living area up for a cozy atmosphere, and we have sort of formal dining space left behind. We’re planning on finding a long display table that can be a buffet for entertaining. Our big antique piece from Florida fits so nicely and hits your eyes directly when you enter. It’s holding all our nice glassware and I love the color. When we get to the curtain stage, I want to find a color that picks up on the yellow in this piece.

This is the “master bedroom” because it is the bedroom that we put our bed in. It has two windows and a nice closet. My main goal in here is to make the corner near the bookcase a little library corner, with a larger armchair and another little bookcase to display my collection of children’s literature. I also want some nice, peaceful, floaty curtains. I have all the curtain rods and hardware, but I want to find some curtains that I really adore. You can’t tell from these angles, but we have the room split into a zone for bed (with the nightstand bureaus and the TV is right at the foot of the bed), a zone for dressing (with a full length mirror and little
vanity next to the closet) and the library zone.

There is never too much that you can do with a rental bathroom, but I was really pleased with the sea green tile. Our green shower curtain matches really nicely. Hilariously, my face doesn’t show up when I look in the mirror, due to the height, so I have to use the mirror in the bedroom for most of my primping. We solved some space problems with suction cup storage from Target (purchased before my summer resolutions). Even though it’s older and definitely more cramped than the bathroom in Carlton Arms, the materials used were ceramics and porcelain, as opposed to cheap plastic. Already it’s easier to keep clean.

I only snapped a few pictures of our guest room/office. This is the room that is waiting for the most work. The boxes stacked in the right of the first picture hold all my teaching materials and classroom decorations, and will not have a home until the summer school program moves out of my classroom. Most of Ben’s books for sale are in bookcases, but he still needs a desk. We also want to use an unpictured back wall to add a futon and nightstand for guests. Julianna is on her way, so futon shopping is a priority. I think when this room is complete, it’s going to be an excellent place. Ben and ! will both have a carved out space for our different interests, and Ben sweetly gave me the desk space with a window view. This is Penguin’s favorite room because of the bird’s nest in the hedge directly underneath our windowsill. Leaving the window open is the best way to distract him when he’s bored and crying for attention. :)

Last but not least, the living area that is really the heart of the home. There is still a lot of work to be done on the farthest wall with the windows, but I love the furniture set up. The small box is much more intimate than any other living area I’ve had, almost harkening back to the sloped ceilings that we had in Fitchburg place (which I am still nostalgic for, but Ben is still disgusted by). Propped on Ben’s DVD cases is a giant map of northern New England from the 50s or 60s that we found at Lancaster Flea Market. We also have some wedding pictures and mementos, and I’ve just ordered some more prints to fill in that area. The back wall has the TV perched on a piano bench- we’re looking for some sort of low media cabinet, but that is probably a longer term purchase. I want to get some golden or muted yellow curtains that will go with the yellow cabinet. I also want to find some way to cover the ugly air conditioner and hanging cord- if you have an suggestions, let me know. We have family photos on the other wall, with some paintings by my grandmother. You’ll be happy to know that I’m in the market for a classy cover for “Penguin’s Chair.” I’m just happy that it made it to Massachusetts.

So, that’s the place! Writing this all up made me realize that I have a lot more that I want to get accomplished, but I think we have a good start. I’m proud of the home we have and I know it will just keep filling up with pictures of good memories and treasures from all our adventures. A good incentive to keep me going with these projects is VISITORS! Please come visit me. I’ll take you berry picking, into the city, and up to the North Shore, all in one weekend.

More pictures of the evolution of No. 32 will be coming…


2 thoughts on “>My happy little home

  1. >Ash!Your home can only be described with one word….charming. I hate to admit it but it is MUCH cuter than I expected it to be. I LOVE the yellow cabinet where it is and your glassware is perfect in it! You are wonderful!!!

  2. >This is great Ashy. I’m even more excited to come visit you now!! =) I love you more then anything and I’m coming even earlier then I had planned!!! YAYYYY!

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