>So much in so little time.

>Hey friends! I’ve been out of touch but wildly busy and scatterbrained, so that is my excuse. I’ve made some resolutions, started some new routines, and GOT A NEW JOB!

After several weeks of no returned phone calls and blindly mailing my resume repeatedly, I landed TWO job interviews with the Leominster Public Schools. Both jobs were Special Education based; the first one was for a roaming job that would leave me with a lot more free time, and the second job was a resource classroom that would be a lot of work. I was excited but didn’t plan on getting any resolution until at least after the 4th of July; then yesterday I got a call offering me the resource room position. At first I was terrified to take on such a huge responsibility, but I loved the community of the school, and it’s equidistant from my house and FSC, where I want to start grad school. I accepted the job and am just waiting for the call from personnel to sign the paperwork. That’s such a load off my shoulders!

I’ve also been moving through the motions of living that healthy life that I had been putting off when I was living in Florida. It was easy to have excuses for not buying fresh produce when I was living in a steamy jungle, but right now I am located in the heart of farmland, and I need to practice what I preach. My newest goal is to only shop at stores that are local, and if I have to visit a franchise, it needs to be regionally specific (i.e. Shaw’s and Gourmet Donuts). My major break is from Walmart; I spent approximately half my life in that store between school supplies, groceries, prescriptions, clothes, and EVERYTHING that they can provide. Walmart+Dunkin Donuts is probably close to half my paycheck.

I’m already coming up with ways around the problems: I need curtain rods, but I think the Aubuchon hardware store on high street could help me out. I need fabric, but I think I could find it on Freecycle.com, Craigslist, or Etsy. I love iced coffee, but Gourmet Donuts makes it better anyway, and the distance will only help me cut calories. I think as much produce should come from farm stands as possible; I tried one called Berlin Farms and was not impressed, but it might not be a huge growing season right now. I asked the teenage kid behind the counter which veggies were local and he looked from the apples to the bananas to the avocados and told me everything they sell is a local product. I’ll keep looking.

I think if I can combine trying one new farm stand a week, doing one errand on foot a day, and staying away from national corporations for at least the rest of the summer (small steps), I’ll feel really good about living the life that I read about. Hopefully these things will lead to some bonus weight loss, because not being on a daily schedule makes me snack ALL DAY LONG.

I have some exciting things coming up, like a meeting with an admissions counselor for grad school at FSC tomorrow, and going to a little celebratory dinner with Ben tonight at a local place called The Train Stop in Berlin. I need to jog more (to run a 5K with Laurel) and make some art (to maybe make a little Etsy store). I need more lists! I’ll keep you updated.

I know I owe you an Item of the Week- it’s coming, I swear. Stay happy and healthy!


4 thoughts on “>So much in so little time.

  1. >this make me think you don’t miss FL at all =(. You owe me two good things about living here when you did (and they can’t be family related!) Love you.

  2. >i recommend the documentary wal-mart:high cost at low prices. you’ll never want to shop there again. i heard you’re coming to boston on friday! i’m working 4-10 or so, but come in with laurel for dinner.

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