>Find of the week! June 22

>There are so many websites, foods, products, and places that I fall wildly in love with. Sometimes they stick with me, sometimes they’re just a quick flame. Usually, my love has something to do with marketing or packaging- I am an advertiser’s dream. When I lived in Florida, I used to buy Publix brand products just because I liked the way they designed their labels.

Normally my outlet for these worldly obsessions is my bemused husband, who will nod and smile and try to gently discourage me from buying five canisters of breadcrumbs with the label designed in baby blue and brown. But now I’ve found a new victim, and once a week, you WILL have to listen while I rant and rave about another find that I’m gushing over. Think of me as a woodsy Oprah- without the freebies.

There were a lot of contenders this week, but the thing I’m most excited about right now is free to everyone- it’s another blog! While playing on my old site, livejournal.com, I found a community who’s sole purpose is to post pictures and discussions about daily planners. I had no idea that other people had the same kind of passion for their daily life that I did. And while I love to decorate my planner with colors, stickers, and quotes, these people go all out. I am completely inspired to organize myself in a completely new way.

To see more, I believe you need to be a member of livejournal and join the community organizers. But having a livejournal, even if it’s only to watch the communities, is free and totally worth it. There are so many different things to check out, and even after years I’m still finding new ones. Stay tuned for my review of Ciao Bella!


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