>there’s such a thrill in a new start

>Ben and I just moved into the new apartment. Every box is unpacked, the house is actually beginning to feel cozy, and we’re starting to reconnect with old friends. Ben is out tonight on his first boy’s night since his bachelor party, and I’m really glad that he got a chance to see his old friends and get off the couch. He’s had a giddy look on his face since we crossed the state line. Of course, having the house to myself means watching MTV and E!, doing my nails, and making goals for this “new life” tucked away in Central Mass.

First off, I want to spend some time with females. I’ve always had my sisters, and I’ve never needed anything else. Now that I’m growing older and my sisters are getting more independent, I realize that I need girls my own age, to talk about sex and share drink recipes and be adult with. I treasure my sisters so much, but I’m also glad to be living nearer to Jessie and Adrienne, and I want to reconnect with old friends like Beth and Emma and Christal. Goal Number One: Find and force some peer ladies to be my Sex-In-The-City friends.
Secondly, I really want to get back in shape. I don’t know the actual number of pounds that have changed since I left Mass, but I know my clothes are fitting differently and even my joints and muscles don’t handle exercise as well. I wouldn’t care as much if it weren’t for the horrifying fact that I’m a wife now, and any change in my weight or appearance will quickly turn into the fulfillment of a stereotype about “letting yourself go after the wedding.” Plus, Ben’s friends are all out on the prowl, dressing him up and taking him out to clubs with them. I know that Ben would never glance sideways, but I want to give him a little something to make him think of home when he’s out and about. So, yeah. Goal Number Two: Slap my ass into shape. Literally.

Last but not least, I really want to live more mindfully. Now that I’m back in the land of farm stands and mom and pop, there is no reason for me to be buying tomatoes from Shaw’s. End of story. I’ve got the grocery totes, I’ve got the recycling numbers. I need to take my life off the pause button and try to put some of my environmental theory into action. Goal Number Three: Save the Earth. No pressure.

I left out the obvious things, such as “FIND A JOB” and “FIGURE OUT HEALTH INSURANCE.” No biggies. Stay tuned for reviews of restaurants, diners, and awesome new sorbet I tried, and more big thrills from Massachusetts.


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